Derryck Sauls

Derryck Sauls is President and Owner of For Sale Realty, Inc. As a respected business man since 1990, Derryck saw a need for a Real Estate Firm that offers his Real Estate Brokers the opportunity to succeed financially. Derryck had a vision to allow Brokers to soar in their career by eliminating the frustration of paying a hefty fee to company on each transaction. He followed through on this and as a result the brokers at For Sale Realty, Inc. not only reflect an attitude of professionalism but also excitement!

Derryck Sauls has a passion for real estate that is contagious not only to his fellow realtors but to every client he meets. Derryck Sauls is known throughout the community for his honesty, integrity, and hard work. With an ability to think outside the box, Derrycks’ negotiation skills and ability to make things happen are second to none.

Derryck Sauls along with his partner, Connie Austin , will help you realize all of your real estate dreams while making the transaction a smooth process.

Matt Weight

Hello there! My name is Matt, and my wife Erianne and I live with our two girls in Chapel Hill. We moved here in 2011 when my wife was offered a position as a professor at the University of North Carolina. At the time, I was an airline pilot, and so I had some flexibility as to where I lived. After searching the at-times-overwhelming Triangle for the perfect location for our family and experiencing some interesting positive and negative experiences with realtors, I determined to get my real estate license for the sole purpose of self-representation in my own home buying process. Through this experience, I’ve gained a much greater appreciation for the positive and negative aspects of the industry and am passionate about being the change I wish to see as the industry evolves.

To that end, I am dedicated to providing the type of service I would want for my family. I believe in bringing a high level of professionalism to everything I do. Buying or selling a home is one of the most important decisions individuals make in their lives, and I believe the gravity of that situation demands the utmost care and concern.